What’s something I’m an expert at?

I’ve been sitting here trying to make a list for over an hour, and I just can’t do it. Each time I put something on the list, ten seconds later its being deleted one letter at a time. At first I was just going to B.S my way through some piece about walking, and sure that could have been okay…. I guess? But I couldn’t bring myself to write it. Each time I put a sentence an the screen, my heart rate went up just a little bit. By the time I had two paragraphs done I felt like a 65 year old man who had eaten a hamburger everyday of his life. I literally felt like my heart was going to explode.

Then I was going to write about those adult coloring books -before you start thinking something you shouldn’t they are not like adult films, they should just be called advanced, or therapeutic coloring books- anyways, I got bored writing that, and again, I couldn’t bring myself to finish it. So I decided to take a different approach to this piece, just be honest.

That’s something I’m constantly struggling with, and I imagine many others are too. I keep trying to hide behind this idea of what I think people will want to hear, and I keep trying to write the “perfect story.” I’ve been trying to change myself for the piece, or hide parts of myself that I don’t think will make a good story. I don’t like when people change themselves for a job, or friend, or assignment, but that’s precisely what I’ve been doing. So I did a little research on an expert, and this is what I found.

An expert is “a person who has a comprehensive and authoritative knowledge of or skill in a particular area.” So with that in mind, here’s my list of things I consider myself an expert at.

  1. Taking the school bus in the winter- tip: bring a blanket, set your bags next to you, and at each new stop pretend to sleep so no-one will sit next to you.

2. Greys Anatomy- I admit I’ve watched this show at least four times through. Some may say that’s not “healthy,” or the shows “too dramatic.” But I think its one of the most stable things right now.

3. Having someone live in my basement- so far there’s been a foreign exchange student, my aunt, and my cousins, and lots of out of town guests.

4. Cleaning- lets put it this way, whenever someone comes to stay at our house I get kicked out of my room because its the cleanest in the house. I should start putting mints on my pillows.

5. Falling- All in one day I fell down a flight of stairs, getting out of a car, and a second time getting out of a car into a snow bank. The thing is, no one was surprised.

6. Being an overthinker/perfectionist- as explained above.

7. Adult/Advanced/Therapeutic Coloring books